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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.) How long have been in business?

Middle Tennessee Roofing Co. has been in business since 1947

2.) Who owns your business and how long have they owned it?

Wayne Burkeen is the owner. He purchased the business in 1974 and expanded it to a full service, high end, residential and commercial roofing company. 

3.) Do you have proper licensing and certification? Insurance? Workers Comp? Can I see proof of these things?

Middle Tennessee Roofing Co. is a licensed roofing contractor in the state of Tennessee and is fully insured including workman's compensation and general liability insurance. Proof of insurance is available upon request.

4.) What steps do you take to ensure the safety of my business or home?

Middle Tennessee Roofing Co. takes every precaution to ensure the safety, security and overall cleanliness of each and every job we perform. It is our top priority to treat each and every home or business as if it were our very own. Roof replacement can be a very messy business from a trash and debris standpoint, especially if the job is a complete tear-off. There's no way around it. However, Middle Tennessee Roofing Co. is very serious about the safety, security and overall cleanliness and neatness of each job we are privileged to do so we treat each home or business we re-roof as if it is our very own property. We employ the use of shop vacs, brooms & dust pans, tarps, rolling magnets, dump trucks and waste containers to help us keep the property clean. At the end of each day, when we're finished roofing, we clean up the property as if we're not coming back and when the situation calls for it, we use yellow caution tape to "rope off" areas and make them inaccessible to pedestrian traffic.

5.) How will you be checking the condition of the decking on my roof to determine what should be replaced?

Deteriorated decking is a reality on many homes and businesses that are candidates for re-roofing. The general rule of thumb is that if the decking is strong enough hold a nail or fastener we don't replace it, but it it's wet or deteriorated to the point of being too weak to hold a fastener, it must be replaced.

6.) Will you have a porta-potty on site? 

For most commercial jobs we do the answer is yes. However, porta-potties are not usually necessary for residential jobs located in highly populated residential areas where gas stations, fast food restaurants, etc. are present.

7.) How quickly can you react and what will you do in the event of inclement weather?

Weather, especially summertime weather, can be unpredictable. However, afternoon "pop-up" thundershowers, though unpredictable, are common during the summer months so we start as early in the morning as possible so that by 1-2pm we are generally finished with the most difficult portion of the job. So, if an unexpected afternoon thunderstorm arises, 90-95% of the roofing is already completed for the day and the remaining 5-10% can be covered up quickly using large tarps and large rolls of clear polyethylene. As a hard rule, we never remove more roofing than we can replace in one day.

8.) Who will be my contact during the project and how readily accessible will they be?

We have an on-site supervisor for every job who remains there continually so that if the home or business owner has a question or concern, he can provide a quick answer; and, of course, our office is always monitoring the telephones during normal business hours.

9.) Who will be overseeing my roof installation for quality?

Since our reputation is on the line, each job, both during the installation and at completion is regularly inspected by upper management to expose and eliminate quality control issues. As a result, and thru lots of hard work and problem solving, we've never registered a complaint, not even one, since 1974 from a property owner through the Better Business Bureau.

10.) Will you be installing new flashing or are there any old flashings which will be re-used?

Our written roofing proposals provide a detailed scope of work which will be carefully followed for each job we perform. Unless specifically stated otherwise in our proposal, every roof penetration (vents, pipes, walls, drains, roof curbs, chimneys, valleys, etc.) will receive new flashings.

11.) How is payment handled?

No money will be required up front. We don't require any deposit or down payment. Once the job is finished payment will be due upon completion of the project. Customers can pay by cash, check, credit or debit card.

12.) What things might cause a deviation from the contracted price?

Very few things will ever cause deviation from the contract price. Our proposals are very detailed and clear so just about the only thing that would cause a price increase would be an instance where the owner of the home or business asks us to perform additional work when the original job is completed.

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